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The start of something new

So we had the meeting today with everyone to set up Goat’s IEP for his preschool. His first day is the 17th. He’ll be going to school 2 1/2 hours each day 4 days a week. I have to finish his registration this week, but first I have to go pick up a copy of his birth certificate. I know, I know, he’s almost 3 and I never got his birth certificate. The thing is, I went to pick one up back when he was just born. Apparently the hospital had delayed sending all the info in or something, so the state didn’t have it in the system. They told me to come back in a week or so. Well, with Princess’s birthday, getting ready for Thanksgiving, then prepping for Christmas/Yule I just forgot to head back down. It completely slipped my mind. I’ve known for about 6-9 months that I don’t have his, but I just haven’t needed it. Anything I’ve needed it for, I could use his shot records instead, which is what I did. This time there’s no choice. I have to get his birth certificate.

The next few days will be very busy. Tomorrow we’ve got therapy like normal, I have to pick up his birth certificate, and we’ve got a meeting with our DDD support coordinator. Friday I have to go down to the school to get him registered. This means I’ve got a bit of paperwork to fill out tonight and tomorrow.  The Mr and I have to decide when we’ll be able to get down to the school for a visit, meet the teacher, see the class, that kind of thing. It may be something I have to do alone. The Mr can’t get a ton of time off work, and he’s planning on taking time off on the 17th so we can see our baby get on that bus to go to the preschool together.

I’m really hoping this preschool will help with the defiance and boundary control issues he’s having at home. Some of his behavior issues are happening because he’s a boy with the speech processing of a 2 year old. I just got back from putting him down for his nap. Right before that? I was cleaning my bathroom counter because Goat had gotten a hold of the hand soap and managed to pump the entire contents (about 1/2 the bottle) all over the counter.Yeah, THAT’S fun to clean up.

So the Mr shaved off his facial hair for No-Shave November. This means he won’t shave (except for his neck and/or near his eyes) for the whole month. Here’s the thing…my man is a grizzly bear. Not really, I’m not in to animals, lol, I simply meant that he grows hair very fast, especially facial hair. It’s day 2 and he’s already to a point where he could give me a road rash if he drags his face against my skin. By December 1st, I’m seriously going to look like I’m married to Grizzly Adams. Okay, well it may not be THAT bad, but he’ll most likely have grown his beard and ‘stache back to pre-shaved lengths/thickness. Oh well, it’s for Prostate Awareness, so I’m okay with it. Besides, our favorite radio DJ is partaking, as well. If you are on twitter, give a shout out to @TheDavidDean and give him some beard support.

Until next time, ya’ll.


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