Just a Mom, trying to stay sane

Let me introduce you…

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our pets. We used to have 4, but one of them passed away a few months ago, so we’re down to 3. The first is our cat, Shortcake.

We’ve had her for 3 years. She’s such a lovey kitty. Often times she’ll curl up on my lap or right next to me on the couch. When we go to bed, she lays between the Mr’s feet or sometimes on his back or chest.

Next up, we’ve got our rats. Yes, you read that right….rats. We originally had 3, but Sura passed away a few months ago.

Sura is the one with her butt against the others. Then we’ve got Mira and Jasmine.

So those are our girls. Next up will be ferrets and a puppy. The ferrets won’t happen until after the rats have passed on while the puppy is just waiting until we move in to a house with a back yard.  In the meantime, we’ll just play with my parents’ dogs.


Question of the Day:

Do you have any pets? What pets do you want that you don’t have?



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