Just a Mom, trying to stay sane

I love the holidays. I’m very much a family person and love that holidays are another time for us to all get together. I love helping my mom in the kitchen at Thanksgiving, and waking up to coffee and cinnamon rolls at her house on Christmas morning. Yes, I still enjoy going to my mom’s house on Christmas morning. Since we’re in an apartment, it’s a bit hard to get everyone over here for the holidays. We’ve been there, been cramped in for that. Normally, I’m one of those people who doesn’t plan far in advance. For years, I had a schedule with my family that worked well, and we stuck to it. Having kids changes all of that.

It’s especially difficult when you share custody of a child. My daughter spends half her time with me, half with her dad. We split all holidays (we each get her for part of the day) and her birthday (generally). Being married introduces a whole new set of people to visit. We only get Princess for half the day, so we have to make it count. Take last year for example. We had her for the beginning of the day, had to have her back to her dad’s by 2. My parents were spending their morning across town and wouldn’t be back until the afternoon, so we couldn’t spend Thanksgiving with them. We were able to join my grandparents and extended family for part of the day, so at least we got to celebrate some of Thanksgiving, even if it wasn’t the celebration we initially wanted.

If you think Thanksgiving is fun, then you’re going to love Christmas. We’ve got to get time with my grandparents, my parents, the Mr’s family (if they’re in town) and have to make sure Princess has time with her dad and his family. This year will actually be pretty easy. We’ll schedule Christmas with my grandparents for a weekend before or after the actual day. We get her in the morning, so we’ll probably spend the night with my parents so we can have our morning there. Then she’ll go off to her dad’s in the afternoon and we’ll relax the rest of the day. This will only be affected if any of the Mr’s family decides to drive up for the holiday. They’re all about 2-3 hours south of us. In that case, we’ll have to try to schedule something with them, too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to try to figure out everything for the joint birthday party we’re holding for the kids next weekend. Yes, it’s a week away and I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with it. Hey, not my fault, I was waiting to see what the weather would be like.

Question of the Day

How do you spend your holidays?


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