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Birthday Girl!

Today my beautiful daughter turns 5! I remember this day, in a combination of clarity and haze. I had a normal pregnancy with Princess until I hit about 34 weeks. At 34 1/2 weeks I was admitted to the hospital with complications resulting from preeclampsia. At 35 weeks, I was induced. At 12:46 pm, weighing a whopping 3 lbs 11 oz, she made her way in to the world. She was small, and had no fat on her, but otherwise we were very lucky, she was healthy. I stayed for 2 days, while the doctor made sure my blood pressure went back down. Princess was released the day after I left, much to everyone’s relief.

Other than a slight hiccup regarding jaundice (which is quite normal for preemies), she did great! She ate and gained weight like a champ.

Before I knew it, she was a year old!

Here she is, on her first birthday, eating her ice cream cake.

We got really lucky. Some preemies have severe delays, but once she hit a year old, she was right along side her peers in development.

I got pregnant with Tank when she was 15 months old. I was so worried about how she would react, being a big sister at 2 years old.

This is her second birthday party. She just loves being a big sister.

She has become such a smart little girl. She’s so loving, has a great imagination and sense of humor. She is a wonderful helper, who loves to cook and give great big cuddles.

Here’s her 3rd birthday party, getting ready to teach her brother the ropes on blowing out the candles on a cake.

Showing off her present on her 4th birthday.

She’s a wonderful girl, who wants to be a doctor, rock star, astronaut when she grows up.

She came in to this world on her own terms, when she wanted, how she wanted, and it’s pretty much how she lives day to day.

She’s my baby girl, always will be no matter how old she is. I love you, sweetheart, happy 5th birthday!


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