Just a Mom, trying to stay sane


So Tank (I didn’t like the way Goat sounded) starts his developmental preschool tomorrow. He’ll be taking the bus to and from preschool every day he’s there, except for this week. See, when I was getting him set up for daycare, I was supposed to call the transportation number to get the bus all set up. With the thousands of things I was doing that week, it completely slipped my mind. This is kind of a win-win. I’ll be able to drop him off, which will help my momxiety, and his teacher said I could stay for a few minutes, see the class, that sort of thing. I’ll be taking him and picking him up Thursday and Friday, possibly Monday as well, but he should be taking the bus by then.

Last night we went and picked his new backpack. We found him a Lightening McQueen one. We put it on him, to make sure it wouldn’t be too big, and he wouldn’t take it off. He kept it on throughout the store, even through the checkout lane. Thank the Gods they have scanner guns, he was NOT going to take that off until he had to. As soon as we got home he put it back on. It’s just too adorable!

See what I mean? He just loves it!

Tomorrow will be an interesting morning. I’ll have 2 1/2 hours to myself, though I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’m thinking about heading to the gym, take my mind off him being in class. I’m pretty sure there will be tears, on my part for sure, possibly on his part.

Either way, it’s part of him growing up. As I’ve said before, it’s possible he’s the last child I’ll have, so I’m extremely aware of all his milestones. I may never go through this, again. Oh, well I’m a bit of a mess this morning, aren’t I? I’m going to sign off for a bit, get some stuff done to keep my mind off everything, plus to try to clean up. Oooh, that’ll be another upside to having no Tank for 2 1/2 hours. I can clean, uninterrupted. Obviously I’ll still have Princess when she’s here, but the time Tank is gone is during nap time, so most of that time she’ll be asleep.

Alright ya’ll, I’ll catch you later.


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