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School stuff

Yesterday I went to University and met with my counselor. They’re currently waiting on my transcripts from my previous colleges, so she couldn’t actually enroll me in anything, but we sat down to figure out what classes I need before I can enter the nursing program, and try to figure out what semesters to schedule them in so I can get them done in time to start the nursing program by fall of next year. Once we had that (tentatively) worked out, we then tried to actually work my schedule out for this semester, though we did run into a hiccup. I need Anatomy and Physiology 1 before I can take 2 other science classes and we were having problems scheduling the lecture and lab. The lecture that fits our schedule ends at 6:20 and the lab starts at 6. Yeah, I know. Those classes are taught by 2 different professors. My counselor is going to see what she can do on that front. Part of the difficulties in finding classes that fit my schedule comes from The Boy and Mr’s schedules. While Mr works close enough to home that he could find a way home that involved something other than a car, The Boy still can’t really be in day care, so that means I can’t take any classes before 3:30 pm. I’ll be working my butt off over the next year to get these classes taken care of, hopefully during that time, we’ll be able to find something for The Boy, so I can expand my availability. I’m hoping to hear something back in the next couple of days.

In other, University related news, Mr starts his classes on Monday (go him!) and, provided he takes minimal breaks during his time at University, has the ability to complete his BS in a little under 3 years.

Alright, it’s getting to be lunch time, so I shall bid you adieu, until I hear more.


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