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2012, Here We Come!

So, Happy New Years! I’ve never really been one to party on New Years Eve, even before I had kids. I hate the traffic and I think going out on the streets anytime after 10pm is just asking to either get in an accident or pulled over by the cops (even though I don’t drink and drive). So this year, like most years, we celebrated NYE in the peace and quiet of our home. We picked up a bottle of peach champagne and some orange juice to ring in the New Year with mimosas, which we’ve discovered and LOVE (thanks Mom!). Once Tank was in bed, we both decided to do some gaming. My brother-in-law stopped by for a few minutes, which was pretty nice. He’s in the army and currently stationed in Texas. He was able to get some time off and is in town for a few days. With a limited amount of time off and lots of friends to visit, that may be the only visit we get with him this trip (though I’m hoping we’ll get to see him for the family breakfast on Monday).

After he left to go celebrate NYE single style (at a bar), we got back to playing our games. At 11:30pm, we logged off and sat down to watch How I Met Your Mother.

Now, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but we don’t have cable, so there was no watching the ball drop. We watched the clock count down the seconds and celebrated. We had our kiss, drank our drinks, and turned on another episode of Mother (we just LOVE this show!).

At about 12:20 or so, the Mr was ready for bed and, to be honest, so was I! If we didn’t have Tank with us, I might have stayed up a bit later, but knowing that boy wakes up pretty early, we headed to bed. Being the old folks that we are, we both had more than half of our drinks left. I quickly finished mine, so as not to waste the champagne. The Mr was really tired and his stomach has been bothering him the last few days, so he asked me to finish his, too. I finished both of ours within about 5 minutes, which doesn’t seem that awesome until I tell you we had these in full size glasses, not champagne flutes. Yeah, THAT was fun, ha ha.

Sure enough, Tank woke us up this morning the way he always does…he lays on top of you, touches your face, and whispers “I want cereal, please” right in your ear until you get up. Since the Mr let me sleep in yesterday, I’m letting him sleep in today, at least for a little bit.


On Christmas, I was given the first book in a series called the House of Night series. While it seems to be geared more toward a younger audience, I did enjoy it and want to get some of the others. I looked on Amazon last night and found 5 of the next books, but decided not to order them. I could find those 5 books for less than $10, but would have to pay $18 in shipping. I simply can’t bring myself to pay almost double in shipping just to get the books, so today, once the Mr is awake, I’m going to take a trip to Bookmans. I’ve got a gift card and I’m hoping I’ll be able to find the next 2 or 3 in the series. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


Question of the Day: How did you ring in the New Year?


Our First Tweet Up

So last night was the first time we had attended a Tweet Up. If you don’t know, that’s where you get together with a bunch of people you talk with on Twitter and meet each other in real life. Last night was the Bookmans Phoenix Tweet Up. The turn out wasn’t the biggest, the Mr, Tank and I were there, along with one other Tweeter and her 2 kids, and the woman behind the Bookmans Phoenix Twitter account, Yvette, but it was a really fun night. We got to talk about some of the things we’d like to see from them in the future. Yvette brought out a craft project for Tank to work on, so he wouldn’t be bored.

Here he is, with the finished ornament project. There was also coffee and some great snack from the Bookmans Mesa cafe. By the way, I’m now very jealous of them because those baked goods? Yummy! I should have grabbed a picture, but to be honest, I just forgot. I guess I really need to get the whole picture part of this blog down.

Anyway, it was a nice time. We munched on some baked goods, enjoyed some yummy coffee, had a great time chatting with the others, and found out some interesting things about our favorite bookstore. If you’re in Arizona, I strongly encourage you to check out Bookmans. They’re all about recycling and keeping things as local as possible. They also have amazing prices on books, movies, and games.

We actually had some store credit from the last time we sold books to them so we picked the kids up some new books.

Here’s Tank, reading Curious George for bed. Well, I read the story and then gave him the book, so he could go through it again. That’s what this is.

In other news, I just turned on the heat for the first time this winter. Today’s high is supposed to be 65 degrees, with a low of 49. I know it’ll be shut off before lunch, but the apartment is just a little too chilly to do without it. I’m in a sweater, pants and socks and I’m still cold. I’m just looking to take the chill out of the air so I don’t feel like I’m an ice-cube. This year, my joints hurt more than last year, so I’m going to avoid suffering, especially since we have a flat rate on our electricity. YAY! If I chose to make it 90 degrees in here this winter (yuck!), I could without worries. There are a few advantages to living in an apartment and this is one of them.

Alright everyone, I’m going to head out and see about taking Tank for a walk to the pet store across the street. He loves looking at all the animals and I love him doing all that running.

Question of the Day: Have you turned on your heater yet? How cold is it where you’re at?

Christmas Elf

So the morning show we listen to, Tim and Willy on KMLE 108, are doing a breakfast show at night this Friday. This is the last year they’ll be doing this, so they’re really trying to make sure those who want to go get to go. Well, one of their listeners, who has been to every BSatN, bought a bunch of tickets and was giving them away for free. Well, the Mr and I have been chosen to receive a pair of those tickets! So on Friday night, thanks to an anonymous Christmas Elf (as she calls herself), we’ll get to go to this show. We’ll get to meet Tim and Willy, David Dean who does the second shift and with whom my husband has a total bromance with, as well Twitter Kim. She’s one of the Twitter friends we have that we’ve never actually met in person. Well, we’ve never met Tim and Willy or David Dean, either. We’re pretty excited! Jordan Sparks and Lauren Alaina will be there, along with a comedian my husband knows of. Apparently it’s all kinds of fun, they’ve got skits and things they do. Most importantly, it’ll be a night the Mr and I have off from the kids, where we can do something outside the house.

Tonight we’re actually doing something, too. If you’re from Arizona, you’ve probably heard of Booksman’s. It’s a local bookstore that buys and sells all kinds of things, like instruments, sporting equipment, music, movies, books, games, etc. Anyway, they’re on Twitter and tonight they’re holding a Tweet-up at their Phoenix location as a thank you to their customers/followers. I’m not sure how many people are actually attending besides the staff, but the Mr, Tank, and I will definitely be there. One, it’ll be nice to get more involved in the Twitter and local community, and two, their our favorite bookstore ever, so of course we want to support them.

Outside of those two things, this week and weekend will be focused on doing a deep clean. You know, one of those where you scrub the walls, the ceiling fan, and the blinds. Yeah, one of those. Anyway, the apartment definitely needs it, especially if we’re going to put our big tree up. I’ve still got to figure out if we’re going to put that up or not. Here’s the thing…I’ve got an area it could go, except there’s a dead tv there. Yes, we’ve got a broken tv taking up a part of our dining room. It died a while ago and, if it was smaller, weighed less, or we weren’t on the second floor, would have been gone long before now. I’m hoping we’ll be able to get it out of here this weekend. We’ve got it sitting on an old comforter that needs to be thrown out, so maybe we can use that. What we could really use is 2 really strong guys to get this out of here. Hey, you know anyone that can help? Ha ha. I’m actually going to see if the complex has a moving dolly we can borrow. With that, we might be able to get it taken care of with just the 2 of us, though both of us will certainly be hurting after moving it.

Question of the Day: What do you have planned for this week and weekend?