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Let me introduce you…

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our pets. We used to have 4, but one of them passed away a few months ago, so we’re down to 3. The first is our cat, Shortcake.

We’ve had her for 3 years. She’s such a lovey kitty. Often times she’ll curl up on my lap or right next to me on the couch. When we go to bed, she lays between the Mr’s feet or sometimes on his back or chest.

Next up, we’ve got our rats. Yes, you read that right….rats. We originally had 3, but Sura passed away a few months ago.

Sura is the one with her butt against the others. Then we’ve got Mira and Jasmine.

So those are our girls. Next up will be ferrets and a puppy. The ferrets won’t happen until after the rats have passed on while the puppy is just waiting until we move in to a house with a back yard.  In the meantime, we’ll just play with my parents’ dogs.


Question of the Day:

Do you have any pets? What pets do you want that you don’t have?



Family and Fun

The kids birthdays are coming up fast. Goat’s is in 3 days, Princess is next week. Thanks to their Kids Club membership, they each had a $10 birthday gift certificate to Bookman’s http://www.bookmans.com/ (LOVE that place!!!). We decided we go there yesterday to let them pick out their birthday books/movies/whatever. The morning started off kinda rocky. Princess was complaining of an upset tummy. Eating, going potty, laying down, nothing really seemed to be helping. Well, on our way to breakfast she…well, “returned” the little bit of cereal she had eaten. We got her cleaned up and continued on with our day. Don’t think we’re unfeeling or anything. Often times she’ll have an episode like this. She won’t feel well, get sick, then she’s fine. So we continued on to breakfast at a nearby buffet. Thank the Gods it’s an all you can eat place, because Goat ate everything on his plate AND some extra. He doesn’t normally eat like that for breakfast, so it was nice to see him packing it away.

After breakfast, we headed to Bookman’s. We had a nice time, got the kids a movie, Goat a toy flower, and Princess a copy of Sleeping Beauty. Just before we left, she was complaining about her tummy hurting. It was bad enough that, while checking for a movie she wanted, she actually curled up on the floor. We hurried out of there, wanting to get her home so she could rest before our afternoon plans. We made one quick stop, to pick up some 7-Up and, on the way home, she got sick, again. Luckily we had grabbed a bucket in case this happened, so there wasn’t a mess to clean up.

By the time the afternoon rolled around, she seemed to be feeling better. They were watching Kung Fu Panda and she was kung fu-ing all over the living room. Since she seemed to be feeling better, we decided to take her to my parents. We were there to celebrate my sister’s 21st birthday! Yay!That’s me, my sis, and my mom. When it’s time for a birthday we gather at my parents house. She cooks us whatever we want for dinner and whatever kind of dessert we want (we aren’t really big cake people). This year my sister requested chicken fajitas and a giant cookie. My mom also made her homemade salsa, which is positively drool worthy. We all had a good time, had some drinks, ate some wonderful food, and just hung out. Unfortunately, Princess not only ran around a lot, but decided to partake in some of my sister’s birthday cookie. About 10 minutes after the cookie and some more running…yep, sick again.

We headed home not long after that. Neither child had a nap, so they were both fast asleep before we got home, which also happened to be way before their bed times. For the first time in a while, the Mr and I had the house to ourselves from 7 pm onward. We watched some tv, played around on the computers, cleaned up one last sick-time for the Princess, and in general just relaxed and decompressed.

Today is an easy day, for the most part. We’re done some cleaning, gotta clean out the litter box and rat cage. Yep, we’ve got rats. I’ll introduce them another time. Now I’ve got to go check on the dishwasher.

Question of the Day:

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?