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It’s only Tuesday and this week has already been…wacky. If you read my post over the weekend, http://wp.me/p1WLgj-10 , then you know that my daughter randomly got sick. It was just that day and by Sunday it seemed to be gone. We figured it was one of those weird, freaky things that sometimes happens and called it a day. Yesterday, right after dinner, she started complaining about her tummy hurting her (which is how Saturday started). We got her settled on the couch, with her “sick bucket” right next to her. As I predicted, about 15 minutes after her stomach was hurting her, she was using the bucket. Got her all cleaned up, in new jammies, put her to bed and, not even 30 minutes later, she was sick again.  I have no clue where it came from, today there’s no sign of it. If it happens tomorrow, we’re going to see the doc.

So today we decided to go to Starbucks to try the holiday lattes, Eggnog for him, Gingerbread for me. I have to say…really disappointed. I didn’t even finish mine. I make a better cup of gingerbread coffee (regular coffee+gingerbread creamer) than they do AND it’s like $4 cheaper! Yeah, we both threw out our cups and headed for Denny’s. I have to say, I LOVE Denny’s. I try to avoid it as a regular place, because I use a lot of my Weight Watcher’s points there, but we had coupons for free food for the kids birthdays, and you can’t beat free food.

After breakfast, we rented a couple of movies and came home. It’s been a pretty mellow day, the Mr is recovering from the headache from hell. We rented Fast Five last night, which we didn’t get the chance to finish, and Green Lantern and Horrible Bosses today. I’ve seen 4 out of 5 of the Fast and Furious movies (I didn’t see Tokyo Drift because it didn’t have Vin Diesel or Paul Walker in it, so what’s the point?) and I really liked it! It’s one of those movies that’s great to watch when you just need a mindless movie. There’s eye candy for men and women, lots of action, some kick ass stunts (especially at the end) and a few tender moments. The Mr actually enjoyed it, for being all action-y, but that’s better than when we rented Red Riding Hood a few days ago. That movie was just….weird. Also, kinda gave me the heebies. When we find out who the wolf is, and what’s been on during the movie…yeah, if you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. The Mr claimed it was all predictable. He actually was able to tell me who he thought the wolf was and was right on a few other story points. Oh, another good movie we rented this week was Something Borrowed. It’s considered a comedy, romance, drama movie, though the comedy wasn’t entirely there. Yes, there were a few moments, but I wouldn’t consider it a Rom-Com. Regardless, it was a great movie that made me hug the Mr just a little bit tighter that night.

So back to the movie today. We watched Green Lantern while the kids were napping. The Mr heard that Ryan Reynolds acting in this was horrible but we both thought it was awesome. I think he acted like he normally does, awesome and sexy and with lots of humor. The Mr enjoyed it, too, and he’s always critical of comic book movies. Of course, getting to see Ryan without his shirt was always a fabulous sight. Next up is Horrible Bosses. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find some way to have another vodka cranberry without my heartburn beating the crap out of me…some more.

Until Next Time….