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Do You Enjoy Scary Movies?

I’ve always loved scary movies, for as long as I can remember. My mom tells the story of watching Child’s Play and turning around to see me, 2 or 3, standing in the corner watching. Apparently I had watched about 75% of the movie. To this day, I can’t watch that movie, but I’m always searching for a horror movie that will actually scare me. The last movie to scare me was Jurassic Park, it gave me nightmares for the longest time. That was more age related, I think. I was in 3rd grade when that came out, maybe 4th, so I was like 8 or 9. When I was in high school, my mom would let me pick my own rental at Blockbuster. I practically watched half the entire horror section, just looking for something to scare me. I’ve spent 19 years looking for a scary movie, but haven’t found anything that worked. All those movies were either super gory, like Hostel, or they just weren’t scary, for me.
Two night ago, the Mr let me pick what movie we were going to watch on Netflix (I love my instant queue). I decided I wanted to watch Paranormal Activity. I figured I’d be laughing most of the time, figuring it would be more like Blair Witch Project, but I was actually scared. It was scary in that old school way, that doesn’t rely on million dollar special effects budgets. It was noises, shadows, and simple things like doors slamming shut, yet it was the best horror movie I’ve seen. I didn’t want to go to sleep after.

So what did the Mr and I do? We played around with a Ghost Radar app on our phones, then sat down to watch Paranormal Activity 2.

This one had a few more special effects, but again it stayed with the simple scares. I’d say the first one scared me more than the second one, but it was still scary. I jumped, I got goosebumps and chills, I didn’t want to go to sleep again. We finished the movies around 1 am. I seriously had scary dreams all night and, when the Mr woke me up at 2:30, thinking he’d heard Goat, I just about screamed and peed my pants. We live in an apartment complex and have noisy neighbors, plus 3 animals, so there were lots of noises through the night. I kept waking up every time I’d hear thumping from next door, or my cat banging the cabinet door as she climbed in and out from under the sink (she goes there to hide from the kids sometimes). I have to tell you, I didn’t sleep very well or for that long, I may have been exhausted the next morning, but I absolutely LOVED the fact that I got scared enough for it to disrupt my sleep.

Now I’m trying to set up a date with the Mr and a few of our Twitter friends so we can go see Paranormal Activity 3.

Thanks to a sister who works for a movie theater, we’ve got some free passes, so all we have to do is find a babysitter. Thanks to the whole one income thing, we’ll probably have my parents watch them. Guess we’ll ask them this weekend when we head over there. Maybe we can get something set up for 2 weeks from now. That would be awesome!

Okay, I’ve got some housework to do, so I’m signing off for now.

Question of the Day:

Do you like scary movies? What’s the scariest movie you’ve seen? What’s your favorite scary movie?